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Getting Started

Getting Started


***All requesters must have a IAL2 account in order to sign into PAL ***


Create Login:

To create a new account to access PAL, Click "Sign in" and you will be redirected to to register.

  • Select "Create Account" and follow prompts for authentication.
  • Once your account has been created you will be ported back to PAL.

Login Using Existing Account:

On the top right please select "Sign in" where you will need to use your credentials.

If your existing account is not IAL2, you will be prompted to provide the required informationto update your profile before gaining access to the PAL


Signing in to Your Account:

  • Click the "Login" link on the top right. You will be ported to to Authenticate    
    • Type in your User Name and Password.
    • Click "Sign In"
    • You will then be ported back to PAL "signed in" will appear".


Checking FOIA Request Status:

  • Simple Status (information available without registering) 
    • Click on the "Request Status" link on the left-side menu.
    • On next page, click on the "Check Request Status without Registering"
    • Type in the FOIA number in the Case Number field and click "Find"


  • Detailed Status (information available with registering)
    • After setting up your account and signing in, clicking the "Request Status" link on the left-side menu will show the FOIA Requests Status page that shows details of all the requests associated with the registered email address. 


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