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Getting Started

Getting Started

Setting Up an Account: 

  • Click on the "Login" link on the left menu.
    • Once on the Login page, use the "Click here to Register" link to go to the New Requester Registration page.
    • Fill out the registration form and click "Submit"
  • A temporary password will be emailed to the email address you include in your registration form.  You will be requested to change the password.


Signing in to Your Account:

  • Click the "Login" link on the left menu.
    • Type in your User Name and Password.
    • Click "Sign In"


Checking FOIA Request Status:

  • Simple Status (information available without registering) 
    • Click on the "Request Status" link on the left-side menu.
    • On next page, click on the "Check Request Status without Registering"
    • Type in the FOIA number in the Case Number field and click "Find"
    • Detailed Status (information available with registering)
      • After setting up your account and signing in, clicking the "Request Status" link on the left-side menu will show the FOIA Requests Status page that shows details of all the requests associated with the registered email address. 


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